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Medi-Cal Planning

medi-cal planning

Medi-Cal Planning

With nursing home costs hovering around eight thousand dollars a month, you may wonder how you will ever be able to afford long-term care. However, you can plan ahead to receive Medi-Cal benefits. Medi-Cal is California’s version of Medicaid. There are certain eligibility requirements for this program that can be hard to overcome.

However, with proper Medi-Cal planning, it can help you and your spouse avoid being impoverished by providing a strategy that uses trusts and other legal tools to remove assets from Medi-Cal consideration. This strategy can preserve assets by removing them from your estate. Then, when Medi-Cal calculates eligibility to determine whether the you can receive benefits, those assets are ignored.

The reason legal strategies like living trusts are necessary is that any and all transactions that were made for the 30-month period preceding any benefit application can be reviewed by Medi-Cal. Under that 30-month rule, Medi-Cal can look back at your prior asset transfers and count them as assets when calculating your eligibility.

The program can then deny you benefits and assess a penalty that will make you ineligible for any Medi-Cal benefits for months or even years to come – with the exact penalty based on the value of any improperly transferred assets and the average nursing home monthly cost.

I can provide you with effective planning strategies to help you qualify for Medi-Cal benefits. I provide personalized attention and am genuinely involved in every case I handle. Through my representation, I will work to find affordable solutions that can help you and your family plan for the future.

I provide free consultation to anyone who currently needs long-term care or will need care in the future can benefit from Medi-Cal planning.